Our Promise

In today’s commercial property sector, more than ever before, reputations matter.

Companies like ours are being asked to be more creative and knowledgeable in the way they operate. It is no longer sufficient to provide just good service. There has to be something different, something that answers the question….. ‘why choose us..?’

We believe that everyone in our organisation is here because they believe in the value of Hughes Ellard, and the added value we bring to our clients. Our job is to work hard to become the service provider of choice for clients on the south coast; this requires excellence in everything we do. This of course means delivering a superior service to our clients, but it also means excellence in the way we communicate, excellence in the way we recruit and develop our people, and excellence in the overall customer experience we provide.

The delivery of excellence is how we will grow our reputation with the people who matter to us most – our staff, our clients, our suppliers and other key stakeholders. Building and managing our reputation is everyone’s business. Reputations are built on actions and actions need to be based on something solid, something consistent in order to be powerful and persuasive.

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Gary Jeffries

Managing Director

We are delighted to confirm that as of June 1st, 2018 Hughes Ellard have merged with fellow Property Specialists Vail Williams.

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