Investment from £200,000 to £50 million, sale or acquisitions, we offer a director led personally tailored service which addresses your concerns, your agenda and your timescale.

Investment transactions can be very complex and, with different client drivers, can be very detailed and time consuming. Where we need to act swiftly and decisively we will – from identifying the opportunity, inspecting and exchanging contracts within three days for one client. Where detailed due diligence is the order of the day, we will devote the resources to pick through the minutiae for as long as it takes – over nine months in one complicated situation.

For those who already own investment property, we can offer advice on the composition of a portfolio, potential restructuring of leases, timing of sales and generally taking a pro-active view to adding value and maximising the client’s position in a given set of circumstances.

If you have decided to sell, do you market to the many or to the few? At the extreme, we might advise a wide marketing campaign followed by a formal or informal best bids tender process, or we might recommend a one-to-one focused negotiation with a single party, perhaps an existing tenant, an adjoining owner or simply by precise matching of potential investors to the product in question.

We acquire investment property on a regular basis for pension funds and institutions, property trading companies, trusts, private individuals and SIPPs. All have very different requirements, methods of operating and crucially, attitudes to risk.

Whether acting on exclusive retainer or merely trying to match the right product to the right party at the right time, relying on our wits, we need to understand timescales and whether the acquisition is sector led or dependent on stock selection. We will require our investors to understand their own requirements as to covenant strength, lot size, unexpired term, over-rentedness, etc. Understanding client needs is a two way process, which is enhanced by detailed client feedback on propositions offered.

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We are delighted to confirm that as of June 1st, 2018 Hughes Ellard have merged with fellow Property Specialists Vail Williams.

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