Lease Consultancy

Too often lease events are treated by surveyors as an exercise in reaching the “right” value. In most circumstances we believe the “right” value does not truly exist.

Whilst respecting that the parameters of negotiation may be constrained by the terms of the lease, landlord and tenant relationship history, perceived negotiating strengths and general circumstances, we believe nevertheless that the right value is the best that we can achieve for the client.

For institutional landlords of multi-unit estates every pound is valuable for enhancing/maintaining asset performance and timing may be far from critical. Elsewhere, for private investors cash flow may be paramount and compromises may be effected accordingly. Whilst a property trading company will wish to maximise the rent on renewal or review before sale, this is very much a case for the cliché “time is money”.

We listen to your needs and focus on the delivery of valued added, which is not necessarily the highest rent!

Whilst we offer a wealth of relevant information and expertise we will also use the resources of individuals practicing in the agency world who are result orientated and deal focused.

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Joe Walker

Associate Director

We are delighted to confirm that as of June 1st, 2018 Hughes Ellard have merged with fellow Property Specialists Vail Williams.

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