Hughes Ellard have over 30 years of experience in valuing residential and commercial property in Hampshire, West Sussex and adjoining areas.

Detailed databases containing transactional information over the last 25 years mean that we are exceptionally well placed to provide statutory valuations, such as those required for Capital Gains Tax purposes, where values for indexation as at 31 March 1982 are often required.

The firm also provides regular balance sheet valuations for all purposes, ranging from small industrial units at £100,000 to large investment property involving values in the tens of millions of pounds.

Even if you are not planning to use Hughes Ellard as the buying or letting agent, we would be delighted to provide an independent, professional valuation to enable you to raise the required finances for the transaction.

We guard our professionalism and objectivity closely. Our reports are prepared to include the usual descriptive element and reporting on accommodation, leases, planning and rights of way, but we also expect to include detailed market comment, an explanation of our valuation methodology and a detailed schedule of comparable evidence to support our conclusions.

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